CFO's, Controller's and Accountants - Let's talk about GAAP!

Supercharge your career, become more efficient, network more, mentor others.

Who can join?

If you are a CFO, Controller, Accountant or qualified finance leader who embodies these principles in your professional and personal life, then you should join this network!

Why Join Us? - is an Alliance Network built by Accountants for Accountants.

The purpose of this group is to assist finance professionals at all levels to for knowledge sharing and networking.  

Who Are Our GAAPx Alliance Members?

The GAAPx is peer advisory network for accountants and qualified finance executives from middle market and emerging enterprises from all industries, geographies, sizes, and structures.

Membership to GAAPx Network is for forward-thinking, innovative finance manager and executives who are committed to a path of continuous learning, and knowledge, experience and insight sharing with the peer members in the group. GAAPx Alliance Members platform allows the members to share their knowledge, insights, advice and counsel virtually and in-person so as to make meaningful connections and to help one another.

Keep Up With GAAPx -Network Community for Accountants On The Go
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